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  • NHS Tayside and Fife Accident & Emergency Dataset (PHS/National)

    Accident and Emergency Statistics. There are two types: episode and aggregate level data.
  • NHS Tayside A&E, Diagnosis During A&E visit

    Accident and Emergency episode level data.
  • Deaths – National Records Scotland

    Cause of death data from National Records Scotland (NRS, formerly General Registrar Office (GRO) and contains data relating to the causes of death of patients.
  • Tayside & Fife Radiology

    Extracts from local health board Radiology Information System (RIS). - covers all patients in the health boards who attend hospital for radiology exams, and includes booking...
  • The Aberdeen Children of the 1950's (ACONF)

    The Aberdeen Children of the 1950s (ACONF) holds health data for Aberdeen Birth Cohorts of people born in Aberdeen in 1921, 1936, and 1950-1956. It helps to understand the...
  • Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (AMND)

    The Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank holds data for all Aberdeen City births from 1949 to the present day. From 1951 to present this unique database links all the...
  • DataLoch Core

    DataLoch brings together routine data collected as part of people’s interactions with health care services in South-East Scotland. These data include details of visits to...
  • Scottish Longitudinal Study

    The Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) is a large-scale linkage study created using data from administrative and statistical sources. These include: census data from 1991...
  • COVID19 in Pregnancy in Scotland (COPS)

    The COPS study is a sub study to Early Pandemic Evaluation and Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 (EAVE II) The cohort includes all pregnant women who could have potentially been...
  • Scottish Household Survey Social Data

    The household, random adult, person and random schoolchild datasets from the Scottish Household Survey. There are datasets for each survey year, 1999 to 2019. The SAS views...
  • Scottish Surveys Core Questions

    The SSCQ gathers survey responses from identical questions in the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, the Scottish Health Survey and the Scottish Household Survey into one...
  • Child Health Systems Programme - School

    The aim of the school health service is to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of children within school settings. It also provides remedial action and support...
  • Scottish Immunisation Recall System (SIRS)

    The primary aim of the Scottish Immunisation & Recall System (SIRS) is to ensure that children under the age of six years receive the appropriate immunisation according to...
  • COVID Tests

    Contains the results of all PCR / Antigen Tests / LFTs reported to Public Health Scotland by NHS Scotland and UK Government Regional Testing Laboratories including Drive Through...
  • Achievement of CfE Levels

    ACEL Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Levels - data gathered from schools on pupil achievement benchmarked against Curriculum for Excellence levels.
  • Health and Wellbeing Survey

    The Health and Wellbeing Survey asks children in Primary 5 and up to Senior 6 questions about their school, health (both physical and mental) and factors relevant to this.
  • Scottish Crime and Justice Survey Data Items

    The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) is a large-scale social survey which asks people about their experiences and perceptions of crime in Scotland. Findings from crime...
  • 2011 Census

    2011 Census data
  • 2001 Census

    2001 Census
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