Prescribing Information System (PIS)

The Prescribing Information System (PIS) is the definitive data source for all prescribing relating to all medicines and their costs that are prescribed and dispensed in the community in Scotland.

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Documentation The information is supplied by Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services Division (P&CFS) who is responsible for the processing and pricing of all prescriptions dispensed in Scotland. These data are augmented with information on prescriptions written in Scotland that were dispensed elsewhere in the United Kingdom. GP’s write the vast majority of these prescriptions, with the remainder written by other authorised prescribers such as nurses and dentists. Also included in the dataset are prescriptions written in hospitals that are dispensed in the community. Note that prescriptions dispensed within hospitals are not included. Data includes CHI number, prescriber and dispenser details for community prescribing, costs and drug information. Data on practices (e.g. list size), organisational structures (e.g. practices within Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) and NHS Boards), prescribable items (e.g. manufacturer, formulation code, strength) are also included. Around 100 million data items are loaded per annum.
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