Outpatient Appointments and Attendances - Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR00)

The Outpatients (SMR00) dataset collects episode level data from patients on new and follow up appointments at outpatient clinics in all specialities (except A&E and Genito-Urinary Medicine).

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Contact point phs.edris@phs.scot
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Landing Page https://web.www.healthdatagateway.org/dataset/7ed08209-f22e-4cdf-b8b5-e1d58b0bcaf9
Tags NHS Scotland Outpatients,CO-CONNECT,National Core Study,COVID-19,NCS
Publisher Public Health Scotland
Geographical coverage {https://www.geonames.org/2638360/scotland.html}
Start of time period covered by this dataset 1997-01-04
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Access rights https://researchdata.scot/researcher-support-consultancy-services
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Documentation An SMR00 is generated for outpatients receiving care in the specialties listed when: -they attend a medical consultant outpatient clinic; -they meet with a consultant or senior member of his/her team outwith an outpatient clinic session (including the patient's home). -they attend a clinic run by a nurse or an AHP identified as the Health Care Professional Responsible for Care for that clinic and who has legal and clinical responsibility for that patient. The dataset is generally fully complete and ready for analysis three month preceding the current date. So for example at the end of August, data is available until the end of May.
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