Lothian Primary and Secondary Care with Phenotypes

A curated dataset that integrates the codes used by NHS Lothian GPs and hospitals/facilities – along with national records – to summarise patient conditions based on the defined standards from the HDR UK Phenotype Library.

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Landing Page https://web.www.healthdatagateway.org/dataset/69a38f87-80b3-4dd8-84fd-6ea02ae3e81a
Tags DataLoch,GP ,Read Codes,SMR,Scottish Morbidity, CALIBER,Health Conditions, HDR UK Phenotypes,SIMD,Public Health Scotland,PHS
Publisher Lothian GP Practices, NHS Lothian, Public Health Scotland
Geographic Coverage {"United Kingdom,Scotland,City of Edinburgh","United Kingdom,Scotland,East Lothian","United Kingdom,Scotland,West Lothian","United Kingdom,Scotland,Midlothian"}
Start of time period covered by this dataset 1996-01-01
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Access Rights https://researchdata.scot/researcher-support-consultancy-services
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Documentation Primary care, secondary care (Scottish Morbidity Records) and deaths data (NRS) where ICD10, OPCS and Read2 codes are mapped to Caliber phenotypes. Only records that can be mapped to Caliber Phenotypes are included in this dataset.
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